Synyster Gates – Guitar Tab, Lyrics and Cool Info

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This is a resource aimed mainly at guitar players who want to find out how to play some of the amazingly challenging Avenged Sevenfold songs

Enjoy some of the videos we have collated of guitarist attempting AX7 songs.

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So , how do you get to play as well as Mr Gates?

Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t try to take on the whole song or solo at once. Break it down into bite size chunks and play very slowly and accurately
  • Make sure you have enough gain dialed into your amp or effects so you can simulate the sound. This doesn’t need to be through expensive gear, its just that trying to get the feel of high-gain soloing using a nylon strung acoustic is quite demotivating!
  • Think about what your hands feel like as you are playing.  You can then exercise your hands and fingers to make them more supple, even if you don’t have your guitar with you
  • Try to relax when practicing – easier said than done, but only when you relax will you achieve the fluidity that you need
  • Consider online lessons. This really can help offer insight into speed techniques and help fast learning.
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This is really important

  • Don’t over think what you are doing – muscle memory is very powerful
  • This is the big secret to be able play anything  fast, rather that learning song by song
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You can find out more about Syn’s biography here  and also see Avenged Sevenfold on the BBC